Associazione Culturale Laterale


The Associazione Culturale Laterale (ex Kamen) is born in Cosenza in October 2016 with the aim of supporting and promoting the cinematoghaphy innovation and the experimentation in the artistic field. It is formed by filmmakers, writers and scholars of cinema and theater. The work of the Association is aimed at creating activities and initiatives capable of enhancing independent cinema and its authors, all forms of authentic artistic research free from market impositions and obligations, new ways of viewing and sharing.

Mattia Biondi: President and curator
Antonio Capocasale: Vice President and curator
Mattia Leo: Curator
Viviana Raciti: General secretary
Giulia Gaudioso: Organizational secretary
Giulia Vallone: Editor
Mattia Fiorino: Editor
Melina Craveli: Coordinator
Leonardo Calvano: Graphic