• There is no entry fee.
  • Shorts of all genres, style and narrative form are allowed, realised from the 1st of January 2014.
  • The short films must have a maximum length of 20 minutes (with credits) and each author can participate with a maximum of two works.
  • Submit your film using one of our platforms:

Click for Festivals - Connecting Films and Festivals

Otherwise, you can send your works by email to lateralefilmfestival@gmail.com using “WeTransfer”, with a brief synopsis and biography of the filmmaker. The works in foreign languages must be subtitled in English or in Italian, including an annex with the subtitles’ file (.srt).

  • The works’ selection will be made by the Festival Artistic Direction and will have to remain confidential until the announcement of the program.
  • The works will have to be sent no later than the 31th of March 2017.
  • Once selected the short films cannot be retired from the project.
  • Some of the selected workframes might be used for promotional purposes of the festival.
  • The selected shorts will join the records of the Laterale Film Festival. The organisers commit themselves to use the shorts only for cultural purposes within the Festival itself. Therefore, the works won’t be commercially exploited, to protect the interest of the authors and of the production.
  • The participation to the project implies the total acceptation of the present regulation. The Festival’s direction has the final judgement on controversial cases.